NAME: Zsolt Tuza
 BIRTH DATE: September 20, 1953
 TITLE: Professor
 ADDRESS: Department of Computer Science and Systems Technology 
University of Pannonia 
Egyetem u. 10 
Also affiliated with
Computer and Automation Research Institute of the 
Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
Kende u. 13-17
 PHONE NUMBER: (36)-88-624-709
 FAX NUMBER: (36)-88-428-275



At the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Inclusive dates of attendance: 1973-1978
Masters degree received: 1978
Specialization: Mathematics (combinatorics and differential geometry)
Supervisor: Gyula O. H. Katona


Positions held:

Permanent position at the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (at the Software Department 1978-1990, and at the Research Division as the head of the Combinatorial Computer Science Research Group since 1991)
Years Rank French equivalent
1978-81 assistant researcher charge' de recherche de 2eme classe
1981-86 research fellow charge' de recherche de 1ere classe
1986-92 senior researcher directeur de recherche de 2eme classe
1993-present research professor directeur de recherche de 1ere classe

Part-time: at the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (since 1989)

Visiting professor for short terms: at several universities, in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands and the USA

Other professional activities:

Membership in editorial boards:

Discussiones Mathematicae, Graph Theory

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (electronic journal)

Publications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Ser. Math.

This journal welcomes the submissions of original and expository papers in all areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, including mathematical aspects of Computer Science. Manuscripts and all correspondence should be sent to: Prof. Dragos Cvetkovic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, P. O. Box 816, 11001 Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Mathematical Notes, Miskolc

Invited speaker at many international conferences on combinatorics and theoretical computer science

Academic degrees awarded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences:

"Candidate of Mathematical Sciences" (awarded in 1986)
"Doctor of Mathematical Sciences" (awarded in 1992)

Qualification for teaching as full professor:

"Habilitation in Applied Mathematics" (Budapest Technical University, awarded in 1995) (The "habilitation" degree was introduced in Hungary in 1993 only.)
Prizes won:
First Prize at the International Mathematical Olympiad (Poland, 1972)
"Institute Prize" and "Publication Award - Awards of the Computer and Automation Institute / Research Division, for outstanding research work (received in  1982, and nine times since 1988)

Participation in organizing international conferences:

Irregularities of Partitions  (Fertod, 1986)
Extremal Set Theory  (Visegrad, 1991)
Combinatorics  (Keszthely, 1993)
European Symposium on Algorithms  (Graz, 1997)

Courses taught at various levels include calculus (undergraduate), combinatorics (advanced course with emphasis on current research trends, for PhD students and faculty members), graph theory (graduate course), graph colorings (PhD course), finite set systems (PhD), methods in combinatorial optimization (PhD), basic graph optimization algorithms (undergraduate, for students in economy).


Hungarian, English, Russian, French, German


more than 250 scientific papers, in the following areas:

List of publications, September 2011

Works available in electronic format:

Zs. Tuza: Graph colorings with local constraints -- a survey.
Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, 17(2), 1997, 161-228.