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Description: Line Balancing is an optimization problem, in which our goal is to distribute work on an assembly line to improve productivity. Nowadays many production steps are autimatized, but in many cases, human workforce, also called workers stand by the assembly line. We are concerned about problems where a single product is to be produced in large amounts. The products have to go through a set of activities, called tasks on an assembly line, in a fixed order. Several workers may achieve this by each getting a continuous subset (an interval) of the available tasks, and executes the tasks on the products got from the previous worker, passing it to the next worker afterwards. As there are multiple workers in duty at the same time, there are also more products being assembled. The productivity is the highest if the assembly line is well-balanced (hence the name of the problem Line Balancing), that is, each worker spending roughly the same time with each piece product. If this is not the case, then the products "congest" before the worker spending the most time with a single one, and workers afterwards are idle. The goal in this project is to implement a software capable of defining, solving simpler cases of Line Balancing problems and possibly visualizing its solutions.

Supervisor: András Éles

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