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Description: One fundamental achievement in operations research was the invention of the Simplex algorithm, for solving linear programming (LP) problems. The algorithm can be represented as a series of calculations on entries of a tableau. Experience suggests that understanding the Simplex algorithm and LP can be difficult to non-experts due to its strongly mathematical nature. The student's task is to develop a software with which the Simplex algorithm can be executed in a user-friendly manner, step-by-step. Effort shall be made to demonstrate the meaning of entries in the tableau (basis variables, costs, candidate pivot elements), possibly with diagrams. There shall be functionalities regarding the algorithm itself, for example automatic recommendation for pivot, showing consequences of choosing other pivots, undoing steps, or showing solution path. Note that knowing the Simplex algorithm is not a precondition for taking the topic, but it will be needed early on during the work.

Supervisor: András Éles

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