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Keeping the level of competitiveness of electronic manufacturing in Hungary makes necessary to reduce the specific workload and keep the cost of production under the present level. It is inevitable due to the lack of workforce in the region where the demographic trends have negative effect on this sector. Complex Industry 4.0 solutions will be developed during this project that help in optimization of production workflows and automated production management, and finally, increase the effectiveness and reduce the work intensity. It can be stated that existing ERP systems on the market cannot deal with the real-time optimization of the effective production management and handle it as black-box. The electronic production is quite workforce intensive in the Europe region with low level of automation, although, the key factor of competitiveness is the reduction of use of manual work. As the short product lifecycle and high level of diversity make the traditional automation almost impossible, new and innovative ways of automation is requested.

The main target of this project to give answers for these challenges by separately working solutions those complement each other. The 4th industrial revolution, we can witness, is changing the production and logistic support systems dramatically. It is a generally accepted fact that the most underestimated area of the staff management is the material handling and, for this reason, it is one of the main objectives is the development of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

These devices are often run in fixed routed in such a production environment meanwhile the free track solutions raise a number of open problems to be solved. Our plan is to continuously monitor the production area, with a help of self-developed, artificial intelligence based algorithms, and make decisions automatically based on the present situation regarding the optimal routes of the AGVs taking their physical parameters into account, as well.

Moreover, using intelligent production cells can support the effectiveness of manufacturing in work-intensive, uncertain and dynamically changing environment.

Second main focus of this project is to develop production cells those help with automation of assemble of electronic devices by real-time 3D image processing algorithms. For this reason high reliability image processing algorithms will be developed those can recognize the shape features of the electronic components. Implementation of these abilities into a robot controlled universal cell we can ensure the optimal processing of assembling workflows.

Another important area of this project is the support of manufacturing by using smart glasses prompt providing all the relevant information for logistic, manufacturing and quality assurance and other workflows. It will display relevant information by virtual reality about the actual product in the focus of the glasses meaning providing information automatically without any additional activity and computer interaction. Moreover it will mean feedback in case of decision-making situation being able to give feedback about the next optimal activity.

All of these targets, the AGV, the intelligent cells and the smart glasses requires development of optimization algorithms those will increase the efficiency in the plant.

Within the project we will develop several algorithms and methodology, using artificial intelligence, scheduling and optimization, with continuously keeping with the principles of Industry 4.0.