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Keeping the level of competitiveness of electronic manufacturing in Hungary makes necessary to reduce the specific workload and keep the cost of production under the present level. It is inevitable due to the lack of workforce in the region where the demographic trends have negative effect on this sector. Complex Industry 4.0 solutions will be developed during this project that help in optimization of production workflows and automated production management, and finally, increase the effectiveness and reduce the work intensity. It can be stated that existing ERP systems on the market cannot deal with the real-time optimization of the effective production management and handle it as black-box. The electronic production is quite workforce intensive in the Europe region with low level of automation, although, the key factor of competitiveness is the reduction of use of manual work. As the short product lifecycle and high level of diversity make the traditional automation almost impossible, new and innovative ways of automation is requested.

Medical decision making is a complex task in which many factors need to be taken into account. The project aims at developing a process-driven medical decision support system that effectively assists the treatment of cardiac patients. The system to be developed combines the results and methods of medicine, information technology, and process engineering in a unique way. The intelligent recommender system provides an objective picture of the activities of the cure and helps to guarantee the optimum decisions.

The aim of the rural electrification project is to ensure the electrical supply and communication infrastructure of settlements where there is no or only limited availability of a fixed power grid, therefore the necessary electrical energy is typically used by using renewable energies.