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1. Profit maximization opportunities in petroleum industry
1.1. Short history of the petroleum industry, technological development
1.2. Value chain of the oil industry, production-primary distribution-refining-secondary distribution-wholesale-retail
1.3. Future of the oil industry, further increase of operating efficiency?, trends, new products, new technologies, environmental regulations
1.4. Joint industries (petrochemistry, plastic industry, chemical industry)
1.5. Profit maximization, importance and objective of optimization, long term profit maximization as the essence of oil industry
2. Supply chain philosophy in petroleum industry
2.1. Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
2.2. Supply chain philosophy in petroleum industry
3. Supply chain management execution, organization, function, process and business modelling, optimization fundamentals
3.1. Execution of SCM philosophy, organisational structure, SCM forum
3.2. Optimization tools, definitions, PIMS fundamentals
3.3. Company problems of the optimization along the whole value chain
4. Planning and scheduling scope, processes, aim and tools
4.1. Planning processes, long-medium-short term processes
4.2. Performance monitoring, back-casting with PIMS, project post-evaluation with PIMS
4.3. MOL Group scheduling processes
4.4. Tools of scheduling, blending
5. New challenges for SCM